Disney phases out “Fox” brand, will acquire the studio called “20th Century Studios”

Disney last year completed its landmark acquisition of 20th Century Fox,media outlet The Verge reported. Now the company is phasing out its new “Fox” brand, 20th Century Fox Films has been renamed “20th Century Studios”; and Fox Searchlight Studios is phasing out the “Fox” brand, according tomedia. Pictures) has now been changed to Searchlight Pictures.

It’s not surprising to remove the Fox brand, because Fox Corporation (the remainder of the original Fox brand) still exists and operates assets such as Fox News, Fox Sports and Fox TV channels that have not been sold to Disney.

Removing “Fox” from Disney’s studios and film divisions could make the entertainment world clearer. (The fact that Fox News is often considered a politically controversial brand and is politically neutral with Disney may also have contributed to the name change.) )

New names will be available soon. According to Variety, The Next Film of Searchlight Pictures, “The Morning” has an updated logo with the Searchlight Pictures Presents label, while Call of the Wild (to be released on February 21) will be the first new work to adopt the “20th Century Studios” brand.

All that changed, however, is the name: The Variety report states that the opening of the iconic 20th Century Fox film will remain in 20th Century Films, although its revised version will no longer be the word “Fox.” The company is said to be still deciding whether to change the names of 20th Century Fox Television and Fox 21 Television Studios.