Fedora CoreOS Announces Official GA

Fedora CoreOS is currently GA. In early 2018, Red Hat acquired CoreOS for $250 million and announced the launch of Fedora CoreOS as the new upstream release of CoreOS in June. Fedora CoreOS is a new version of Fedora built specifically for security and large-scale running containerized workloads, and is a follow-up to Fedora Atomic Host and CoreOS Container Linux.

Fedora CoreOS Announces Official GA

Fedora CoreOS combines Container Linux’s tools, automatic update models and ideas with packaging technology, OCI support, and SELinux security for Atomic Host.

Some of the features of Fedora CoreOS include:

Automatic updates, phased deployments, and roll-out

Based on Fedora 31 builds with the following features:

Linux 5.4

systemd 243

Ignition 2.1

OCI and Docker containers with Podman 1.7 and Moby 18.09

enable cgroups v1 by default for wider compatibility;

Fedora CoreOS currently supports a variety of platforms, including:

Bare Metal, QEMU, OpenStack and VMware

Mirrors available in public AWS domains

Alibaba, AWS, Azure and GCP Downloadable Cloud Mirror

Run from RAM in real time via ISO and PXE (netboot) image

At the same time, it is expected to enhance related features, including:

Opened a next release stream to extend testing for upcoming Fedora releases

Supports cloud and virtualization platforms and processor architectures other than x86_64

Tight integration with Kubernetes distributions, including OKD

Download address: