“Naked” is not afraid why so many Chinese users insist on using Windows 7?

More than 10 years after its launch, Windows 7 has finally come to an end. But it seems that many Chinese are not ready to say goodbye to the PC operating system. At present, Windows 7 penetration in China is still very high. Microsoft this week ended its support for Windows 7, stopping technical support and security updates for all users. Although the move affects nearly a third of the world’s computers, the situation is even more dire, according to NetMarketShare.

Nearly half of China’s computers were still running Windows 7 in the third quarter of last year, according to the Country’s National Internet Emergency Response Center ( CNCERT).

At CES in 2011, staff sorted out laptop products before a keynote speech by then-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

Microsoft is encouraging users around the world to upgrade to Windows 10 to protect their PCs from potential threats. Less than 10% of China’s computers use the latest operating system. But some hardcore Windows 7 users say they don’t plan to upgrade.

“As long as Windows 7 isn’t virus, I’ll always use it. Bao Juan, a freelancer, says she thinks the platform is better than Windows 10.

In China, the reluctance to abandon Windows 7 is much more than one. From campus to corporate offices, there are still plenty of computers running older Windows operating systems. “I work in a hospital and some devices run XP systems. One Weibo user said, “So some of the newer medical software is simply not installed.” “

In 2014, nearly 13 years after the birth of Windows XP, Microsoft announced it was discontinuing its support for it.

Windows 8, which was launched in 2012, has undergone a dramatic redesign, but the results have been disappointing and confusing. Then Windows 10 was born in 2015. Windows 10 was welcomed by some users as it reverted to an interface closer to older versions of Windows. However, the system’s ongoing software updates are also annoying to some users.

“I started out with Windows 10, but because it’s been updating, updating, updating, it’s not being used without updates, so I ended up using Windows 7 instead. A junior from Kunming said.

“I’m going to continue to use Windows 7. She added.

Others have expressed similar complaints on Weibo.

Some people have commented that Windows 7 users are not used to Using Windows 10. To which one responded, “You’re definitely never in a hurry.” Sometimes I’m in a hurry to use a computer, but as soon as I turn on it, it updates for 10 to 20 minutes. Usually it automatically updates automatically and then gets stuck and I can’t even turn it off. I can’t use it until I switch to a pirated version. “

But for some, there is another problem: hardware is out of date.

Goodman, a well-known digital blogger with more than 2 million followers, points out that “most people don’t take care of the virus library security vulnerability, they don’t want to go up to win10 because the computer is too old … The popularity of mobile phones with computers less and less time. How long have you been without a computer??? “

Since 2014, more people in China have accessed the Internet through smartphones and tablets than by personal computers. According to a recent report by QuestMobile, a market research firm, Chinese users now spend an average of six hours a day online on their mobile devices. From takeaway platforms to video applications, mobile apps have become an important part of people’s lives.

As mobile devices dominate people’s online lives, the cycle of some people replacing upgraded computers is getting longer, so much so that they are trapped in older operating systems and can’t help themselves.

“It’s not that I don’t want to change, it’s that my PC really can’t run Windows 10. One user commented.

One health blogger wrote, “My computer has always had a problem, from undergraduate to graduate school, but it still works for Windows 7.” I only use it to write and browse the web. That’s why I didn’t make a change. There is, of course, an important reason: I am poor. “

But perhaps Microsoft’s biggest challenge is that people are used slaves. Despite warnings from experts around the world, some of China’s most loyal Windows 7 users have no plans to upgrade, even if it could expose them to cyberattacks.

“I’m used to Windows 7, just like xp, ” said one user. I don’t want to change it any more. Run naked on the naked run! “