Tesla chooses the past and ambitionbehind behind Baidu’s map

Tesla’s on-board map navigation experience in china has long been criticized by car owners. Many times, car owners are driving the most pioneering smart cars they can buy today, but they use their smartphones to navigate. To improve the situation, on January 17th Tesla announced that its map data service would be replaced by Baidu Maps, which would provide Tesla with a map data service in China, and that Tesla’s car navigation system in China would be updated with Baidu Maps-based data services.

Baidu Maps also launched the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) API in China, providing Tesla with map data services such as basemap display, real-time traffic, POI retrieval and road networking.

From 4D map to Tencent map

Tesla has actually replaced its China navigation map supplier several times since it entered China in 2014.

At first, Tesla chose a four-dimensional new one.

At the time, the four-dimensional map provided Tesla with map data from China, including Hong Kong and Macau, as well as a custom-made navigation al-electronic map for the Chinese version of Tesla, which incorporates location information from Tesla’s super charging stations with new maps and navigation systems that allow users to view charging facilities near the vehicle. Navigate to a nearby charging station.

Tesla chooses the past and ambitionbehind behind Baidu's map

Tencent was the second-largest shareholder in 4D before 4D became Tesla’s new navigation map provider, and Tencent Maps uses new base map data from 4D maps.

In March 2017, Tencent acquired a 5% stake in Tesla, becoming Tesla’s 5th largest shareholder.

One by one, four-dimensional Tuxin, Tencent and Tesla have established a inextricably linked relationship.

In March 2018, Tesla’s long-unupdated navigation map received a major update, with Tencent Maps replacing the four-dimensional map as a supplier of Tesla’s in-car navigation map.

Tesla chooses the past and ambitionbehind behind Baidu's map

At the time, there was a comment that the new four-dimensional map navigation experience was not very good, which led Tesla to change suppliers.

But it’s important to be clear that while Tesla chose Tencent Maps, it doesn’t mean that the four-dimensional map is completely out of the picture, because the underlying map data of Tencent Maps is still available in four-dimensional maps.

For a long time switching navigation map providers to Tencent maps, Tesla’s car navigation system has been criticized by many Chinese owners, such as routes that can’t be selected, no change of route spree in congestion, no speed limits/violation alerts, and so on.

Tesla collected a round of car experiences and improvements from owners in China in December 2019, when much of the feedback focused on “map navigation is not easy” and focused on Tencent Maps, Tesla’s navigation map provider.

At the time of the imminent delivery of the domestic Tesla, Tesla’s internal also took the feedback of these owners very seriously.

Tesla chooses the past and ambitionbehind behind Baidu's map

In response to the incident, Tesla’s vice president of external affairs, DowLin, said in response to the incident that internal engineers were working overtime to improve, adding that “the mobile phone and car side navigation development is not the same, that is, the use of AutoNavi or Baidu also requires a lot of development, especially to adapt to the Tesla big screen.”

A month later, Tesla unveiled its new choice for its map data service: Baidu Maps. Next, the two sides will work together to enhance the in-car navigation experience for Tesla’s Chinese owners.

Reasons to choose Baidu Map

The news that Tesla’s map data provider had switched to Baidu quickly bombarded many online owners.

Baidu Maps, which empowers Tesla in the field of in-car navigation through data services, has accumulated over the years.

First of all, the introduction of Baidu map, for the owner to increase real-time traffic information.

Based on a large amount of real-time traffic data information, Baidu Maps already has real-time traffic conditions covering all cities in China, which can ensure that car owners can view road conditions in real time during navigation and avoid congestion efficiently.

The second is that the map will be used more fluidly.

To suit Tesla’s large-screen touch car, Baidu Maps offers a service that supports free scale without damage, and the icons can be rotated with the basemap 360 degrees at will, giving the overall view experience a better one.

Baidu in this collaboration, but also on the map display style effect has been upgraded.

The upgraded Baidu Map Data Service provides a clean and simple visual effect while maintaining accurate presentation of map details, making it easy for owners to identify areas and road conditions and improve their driving comfort.

Tesla chooses the past and ambitionbehind behind Baidu's mapTesla chooses the past and ambitionbehind behind Baidu's map

Judging from these upgrades, Tesla’s Chinese owners’ future experience with navigation systems should be even higher, with Baidu’s map added.

It’s a little bit clear that Tesla’s map provider in China has switched to Baidu Maps, its base map data is still from the four-dimensional map, and the engine of in-car navigation is developed by Tesla.

Baidu Maps is working hard to create artificial intelligence maps, and if the future with Tesla in the field of in-car navigation for the deep technology fusion, Baidu map mobile phone experience at the end of the car can be re-emerged, that is a great boon for Tesla Chinese owners.

Domestic Tesla has just begun delivery, Baidu map boarded the high-speed train, there will be more innovation possibilities on both sides in the future.

Analysis that Tesla this time chose Baidu map, not only for its navigation map data, but also for the longer future: high-precision maps and autonomous driving.

Because, Tesla’s Autopilot to play more powerful in China and even to achieve full self-driving, must not be separated from the support of high-precision maps, and this ability, Baidu is obviously a good choice.