TSMC CEO: 5nm process production is progressing smoothly, expected to contribute 10% of this year’s revenue

January 19 news, according tomedia reports, for Apple, Huawei and other companies contract chip TSMC, in recent years in the chip technology in the forefront of the industry, advanced technology also brought a lot of revenue for TSMC, the first production of 7nm process in 2018, last year for TSMC brought $9.3 billion in revenue.

TSMC CEO: 5nm process production is progressing smoothly, expected to contribute 10% of this year's revenue

TSMC Chairman Liu Deyin and CEO Wei Zhejia

And in the 7nm process production nearly two years later, more advanced 5nm will also be put into mass production, in the recent earnings analyst conference call, TSMC CEO, Vice Chairman Wei Zhejia also talked about the 5nm process of mass production.

On a conference call with financial analysts for the fourth quarter of 2019, Mr. Wei said that industry-leading 7nm processes and strong demand of 5nm will strongly support their business growth in 2020, with strong growth trends on the four platforms of mobile, high-performance computers, The Internet of Things and automotive.

Unlike the 7nm process, which has been produced in volume for nearly two years, TSMC has not yet started mass production of 5nm technology chips, but TSMC has been developing for many years in 5nm, and last year began trial production, Wei Zhejia revealed on the earnings analyst conference call that 5nm production is progressing smoothly, the yield has been very good, will be mass production in the first half of the year.

Wei Zhe also revealed at the meeting, compared with the 7nm process, 5nm is a complete process node across, can improve the density of transistors in theory 80%, speed increased by 20%, they expect the mobile device and high-performance computer, 5nm capacity in the second half of the year will be rapid and stable growth, It is expected to contribute 10% of TSMC’s revenue.

As with the 7nm process, which was mass-produced in 2018 and became a major source of revenue last year, TSMC will continue to improve the 5nm process in the future and will be the main process technology for some time to come. Wei Zhe family revealed at the meeting that they will continue to improve chip performance, energy consumption and transistor density through 5nm process solutions, and they are confident that 5nm will be another large, long-term process for TSMC.

TSMC Chairman Liu Deyin, who also attended a fourth-quarter earnings analyst conference call, also mentioned the 5nm process, but did not mention the progress of the 5nm process, as Liu Deyin did, noting that TSMC’s spending increased by T$3.6 billion in the fourth quarter of last year. This reflects their progress in research and development at 5nm and 3nm and their preparation for 5nm process mass production.