Chinese scientists overturn the idea that “humans originated in Africa” in Europe and the United States: Modern humans originated in East Asia

How on earth did humans come about? I learned evolution when I was at school, thinking that humans evolved from orangutans, and where did the earliest humans come from? European and American scholars put forward the “human origin in Africa” argument that all humans came out of the African savannah, this statement over the earlier Asian origin said.

There are also different views on this view, and “Africa Origins” is also a lot of arguments that are found to be wrong and do not explain the changes in different races around the world. Now Chinese scientists have also made breakthroughs in this field of study, published in November in the Journal of Anthropology, a core authoritative journal of Chinese class, the research of Chinese molecular anthropology, Professor Huang Shi and Zhongnan University postdoctoral professor Zhang Ye et al. – “New discoveries of ancient DNA support the origins of modern man East Asia.”

According to this paper, Professor Huang and others’ team overturned the African origins with ancient DNA, justifying the Asian origins, since the earliest R-sins in ancient DNA data were about 5,000 years older than the earliest N-s, and the most primitive single-fold group R and N may have been produced very close to these R and N The time when the ancient crowd existed.

The single-fold group R and N in ancient DNA are important, and these two indicators are arguably key to determining whether humans originated in Africa or Asia, since in 1983 scientists first built molecular models of modern human origin based on mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) system development trees, if R was the ancestor of N. Then the Asian origin is correct, and N is the ancestor of R, then the African origin is correct, and the African origin is praised by Europe and the United States is the 1987 study that n earlier than R, so overturned the original Asian origin said.

Professor Huang and others’ research is now proof that R is the ancestor of N, more than 5,000 years early, back to the origin of Asia, and further evidence that modern humans originated in East Asia, specifically in southwestern China.