Windows 7 is the limit! Here are five reasons to embrace Windows 10

On January 14, 2020, Microsoft officially stopped the maintenance of Windows 7. This means that while your PC will continue to use Windows 7 in the future, it will be more vulnerable to malware and hackers without security updates.

Windows 7 is the limit! Here are five reasons to embrace Windows 10

It’s just a matter of time before Windows 10 replaces Windows 7

To be fair, Windows 7 is an excellent operating system, and despite its many years of application, it still works on hundreds of millions of pCs around the world thanks to its outstanding performance and good system compatibility. Many small partners first touch a COMPUTER, starting with Windows 7. But with Microsoft ending official maintenance of Windows 7, it’s only a matter of time before Windows 10 is replaced.

1. Many new hardware doesn’t work on Windows 7

If you haven’t upgraded your computer hardware in the last 2-3 years, you may not feel much about this issue. But if you’ve just purchased a pc, Windows 10’s performance should let you look on. As a decade-old system, Windows 7 is nowhere near as supportive of new hardware as Windows 10. To give the simplest example, if you’ve just given your year-end bonus and are planning to replace a high-speed NVMe SSD for your computer, you’ll be embarrassed to find that Windows 7 doesn’t support it, and there are only two options in front of you, either to a slower SATA drive. Either inject the NVMe driver in when installing the system, provided your hard drive manufacturer supports it.

Windows 7 is the limit! Here are five reasons to embrace Windows 10

Native Windows 7 does not recognize new NVMe SSDs

The same problem also occurs on the new motherboard, which is not recognized by Windows 7 due to the widespread use of XHCI master (USB 3.1) on Intel’s motherboard in recent years. So a general problem appears, all the computers using the motherboard in the installation of Windows 7 process, there will be a USB device failure problem, keyboard and mouse did not respond, the USB disk can not recognize, all processes will stop after the restart of the information entry interface can not continue. Either replace a set of PS/2 key mice or simply replace a set of built-in USB 3.1-driven third-party Windows 7 mirrors. Both of these options are, in fact, very troublesome.

Windows 7 is the limit! Here are five reasons to embrace Windows 10

The mouse and keyboard of the PS/2 interface need to be swapped when the installation of Windows 7 is stagnant

Similar problems abound, many new hardware cannot be supported on older Windows 7 platforms due to generational differences, and while some third-party mirrors can be addressed with built-in drivers, security and stability are unpredictable. In addition, due to the lack of maintenance coherence, third-party mirroring is often difficult to achieve the emergence of new hardware, continuous maintenance of mirror packages, and these are potential hidden dangers!

2. Hardware performance can’t take full advantage of Windows 7

In addition to the lack of hardware support, even if your PC can use Windows 7 normally, it doesn’t mean you can 100% fully functional. Over the past two years, more and more new features have been added to the hardware. For example, the AVX-512 is a set of instructionsets built into Intel’s new CPU, with floating-point performance pull-out compared to the original AVX2. However, it has no use on the Windows 7 platform. In other words, even if your CPU is powerful enough, its performance will be greatly reduced due to the limitations of the operating system, which is equivalent to spending more money but ruining a large amount of performance.

Windows 7 is the limit! Here are five reasons to embrace Windows 10

The same CPU performance comparison in two sets of platforms

A similar situation occurs on the graphics platform, light chase, DX12, these familiar technology, in Windows 7 is not actually possible. Even if you’ve been cutting back for a new graphics card for most of the year, bmw will change the wagon because of operating system limitations. More crucially, your graphics maker may not be able to provide a driver under the Windows 7 platform at all, and ultimately only thrive with some compatibility drive.

Windows 7 is the limit! Here are five reasons to embrace Windows 10

Want Windows 7 to experience “light chase”? It doesn’t exist.

3. Windows 10 installation recovery is simpler

If you’ve been installing your own system since the Windows 7 era, you should remember that installing a system was still cumbersome. The most important thing is that when the system is installed, but also one installation driver, which is not familiar with the installation of the system of small partners, invisibly increased the difficulty. In the Windows 10 era, most drivers were built-in, and system installation swashes easier. With the help of a cloud account, even personalization can be synced. In short, just wait a few minutes for the system to be installed and everything will be exactly the same again.

Windows 7 is the limit! Here are five reasons to embrace Windows 10

Windows 7-era installation system, is actually a troublesome and long process

At the same time, Windows 10 also provides a more intuitive system recovery and reset function, more suitable for ordinary users, which is a user mass of hundreds of millions of operating system, is very necessary. It is also because of this, system maintenance is no longer the patent of professionals, but also greatly alleviated the pressure on the operation of personnel.

Windows 7 is the limit! Here are five reasons to embrace Windows 10

Regular users can also easily recover their Own Windows 10 system

4. Windows 10 is far more secure than Windows 7

The name Windows Defender, familiar to both Windows 7 users and Windows 10 users, is the name of a security software built into Windows. Despite the same name, the Windows Defender is very different from the two platforms. Windows Defender under Windows 7 is at best a semi-finished product, with no other features than a simple malicious cleanup. If you want your computer to run safely, you still need to install a variety of third-party soft (e.g. Norton, ESS, etc.).

Windows 7 is the limit! Here are five reasons to embrace Windows 10

Windows 7’s Windows Defender is more like chicken ribs

Windows Defender in the Windows 10 era, by contrast, is very different. Although the name is the same, but in fact it is already a collection of anti-virus, firewall, control, browsing control, account protection, device security in one professional-level system security tools, combined with Windows 10 built-in security updates, it can be said that the Windows 10 era no longer need the support of third-party software.

Windows 7 is the limit! Here are five reasons to embrace Windows 10

Windows 10’s Windows Defender has long since moved to the professional kill level

5. Windows 10 a variety of small features plus

Daily use of computers, we will always install a variety of efficiency gadgets, which are more common, including: virtual desktop, go to Blu-ray, game do not disturb, cloud clipboard, automatic system maintenance, mobile hotspots, game live, game recording screen, voice assistant, dark mode and so on. Some of these features can be implemented with third-party software, while others cannot, not counting Windows 10’s own security advances (such as fingerprint support, face recognition, etc.). In short, Windows 10 gives you a more powerful experience than Windows 7 without installing third-party tools. Less software actually means less resource consumption.

Windows 7 is the limit! Here are five reasons to embrace Windows 10

Many of the new features of Windows 10, the Windows 7 era with third-party software may not be possible

Write at the end

In any case, Windows 7 is an old system a decade ago, and even if it’s better, it’s a problem to be honest. By contrast, as Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10 has performed better in terms of new hardware support, security, value, performance, ease of use, and more. To be fair, however, Windows 10 does not respond as fast as Windows 7 under some hardware conditions, and can only expect a follow-up update from Microsoft.

But we have an additional option, which is Microsoft’s long-term service version LTSB and LTSC. Both can be thought of as Microsoft’s official Windows 10 Lite, offering the same fluency as Windows 7. However, neither version supports UWP applications, and there are no daily feature updates (only regular security updates are available), but the bottom of Windows 10, coupled with good fluency, is enough to be the perfect choice for low-powered Windows 10.

Windows 7 is the limit! Here are five reasons to embrace Windows 10

Microsoft’s LTSC version of Windows 10 is the perfect choice for a low-partner experience for Windows 10