8882meter deep! PetroChina hits Asia’s first deep erlast: 100 tons of crude oil per day

PetroChina Tarim Oilfield recently announced that in Xinjiang completed the first deep well in China and even Asia – the depth of the 1 well has reached 8882 meters, equivalent to more than 100 tons of crude oil per day, proving that more than 8200 meters of deep formations still exist high-quality reservoirs. It is reported that the round exploration 1 well is located in the territory of Kucar City, Xinjiang, Tarim Basin has been the key area of oil and gas resources exploitation in China, Tarim’s Cambrian salt under the ultra-deep has great exploration potential, but buried deep in the depth of 8000 meters, exploration difficult, high technical requirements.

The purpose of the round-exploration 1 well is to explore the oil and gas content of the super-deep Cambrian salt under the dolomite, and accelerate the exploration process in the new field of ultra-deep carbonate rock. The current record is 8,882 meters deep, deeper than Mount Everest on the Tibetan Plateau, making it the deepest well on land in Asia.

In order to develop such technology, Tarim oilfield and western drilling units to overcome the reservoir ultra-deep, ultra-high pressure, high temperature and other extreme problems, in the drilling speed, completion of production and other aspects of joint technical research, creating the deepest onshore wells in Asia, the deepest oil and gas wells and other seven records, It marks that the ultra-deep drilling technology of tarim field has been at the leading level in the world.

From the latest situation, the wheel exploration 1 well at a depth of 8882 meters can still be converted to the equivalent of more than 100 tons of crude oil per day (133.46 square meters), The production of 487,000 cubic meters of natural gas marks a major breakthrough in ultra-deep exploration under the Cambrian salts of the Tarim Basin, confirming the combination of 8200 meters of primary reservoir and high-quality storage cap with deep formations.

It is reported that the Tarim Basin Under the Cambrian salt exploration scope is wide, the potential is large, 9000 meters to shallow favorable exploration area of 23,000 square kilometers, estimated resource size of 310 million tons of oil, natural gas 3.3 trillion cubic meters, oil and gas equivalent of about 3 billion tons, will become the Tarim oil and gas industry to accelerate the development of a new strategic replacement area.

8882m! PetroChina hits Asia's first deep erlast: 100 tons of crude oil per day