Microsoft is adding shortcut menu features to Chrome PWA apps

In an update to the Chrome 70 version for Windows 10, Google introduced support for the PWA app. But unlike PWA apps distributed through the Microsoft Store, such as Twitter, the PWA app provided by Chrome lacks some of the Windows 10 features and cannot be more integrated into the system.

Microsoft is adding shortcut menu features to Chrome PWA apps

Any application that is right-clicked on the taskbar jumps out of a menu, also known as a shortcut menu or jump list. Open source Chromium allows users to right-click the PWA app, but users can’t use the key features of “Write a new tweet” in the shortcut menu.

But Microsoft has previously promised to add quick menu support to the Chromium browser. “This proposal adds support for shortcuts defined in Web App Manifest to give users the same quick launch bar application icon menu experience as native applications,” said Rahul Singh, a member of the Microsoft Edge team. “

Singh continued: “Chromium now supports the addition of PWA icons to multiple paths, such as the desktop, Windows Start menu, and added to the startup item during installation. These shortcuts are designed to help users start PWA quickly. However, Chromium currently does not allow users to start critical tasks in PWA through the Quick Launch Bar icon menu. “

Microsoft points out that the Jumplist (Shortcut Menu) of the PWA taskbar icon was created automatically when the application was installed. Menus are based on the details of the site share. The submission is currently marked as “in progress” and it is unclear when Microsoft will roll out the changes to Chrome.