Today’s Big Cold Tesla Show “Non-Practical” Features: Large-screen Simulated Fireplace Effects

Today (January 20) for the great cold, “big cold” means the cold weather to the extreme, after the big cold and spring, that ushered in a new year’s gas cycle. Very good, Tesla officials slightly showed the previous launch of the “romantic mode”, the introduction of this function, the center screen will show the picture of the fireplace, the internal flame will also have a realistic ignition effect, the fire on the screen can be accompanied by music light dance, “winter heating all rely on mind.”

In addition to “painting pie-filled” heating, Tesla supports temperature presets for vehicles with the 3.8.0 version and later version, and can turn on, off or adjust any seat heater at the same time, or through the phone app if the vehicle is equipped with a steering wheel heater.

Of course, the large-screen analog fireplace effect isn’t the only “non-practical” feature Tesla has introduced.

Also introduced with this is “TeslAtari Game Controller Support”, which allows users to simply connect the controller to any on-board USB port on the front, open the TeslAtari game, and enable the external game controller to operate the TeslAtari game for entertainment.

Tesla has also introduced an “emissions test mode”, which you can also call “fart mode”, select the target position on the screen, press the steering wheel left wheel or hit the steering light, and then use the stereo to simulate the effect of “farting”, just wait for the opportunity to successfully prank friends.