Foreign media: BT and Vodafone consider urging not to ban Huawei from jeopardizing 5G network launch

Bt and Vodafone, britain’s two biggest telecoms operators, are being urged by the prime minister not to ban Huawei from jeopardising the launch of the 5G network, according tomedia reports. The UK is expected to make a final decision this month on whether to involve Huawei in the construction of its 5G network. Sources said BT and Vodafone were considering writing to the prime minister to express their belief that there was no evidence to support a blanket ban on Huawei and urging him to make a decision based on facts.

Media: BT and Vodafone consider urging not to ban Huawei from jeopardizing 5G network launch

Vodafone has previously said any move by the UK to ban Huawei from supplying all new 5G network equipment would cost the company hundreds of millions of pounds and “very significantly” slow down the deployment of new technology. Vodafone’s broadcast network uses Huawei devices.

BT also uses Huawei devices in its network, but does not deploy them on its fixed-network intelligence core.

Victor Zhang, Huawei’s vice-president, said last week that the company strongly agreed with the Prime Minister that the British public should be able to use the best technology. “We believe the UK government will make decisions based on the evidence, not the unsubstantiated allegations,” Victor Zhang said in a statement. “

Victor Zhang also said that the UK’s two parliamentary committees had found no technical reason to ban Huawei from supplying 5G equipment, and mi5 chiefs said there was “no reason to believe” that the UK’s intelligence-sharing relationship with the US would be undermined by the UK’s continued use of Huawei technology.

Last month, Huawei also opened a 5G research and development base in London, seeking to work with local companies to advance research and development and allow consumers to experience the content of 5G services. Victor Zhang said it would promote collaboration with UK businesses and technical experts and demonstrate the huge potential of 5G for business and other areas.