Billions of electron quantum entanglements observed in metals

U.S. and Austrian scientists say in the latest issue of Science that they have observed quantum entanglement symgeographicbetween billions of flowing electrons in quantum critical materials, the strongest direct evidence yet that entanglement leads to quantum criticality and promises to advance quantum information and superconducting technology.

Billions of electron quantum entanglements observed in metals

In the latest study, scientists examined the electromagnetic behavior of YbRh2Si2, a material made up of niobium, niobium and silicon, as it approached and crossed two quantum phase critical points, and found quantum entanglement between billions of flowing electrons inside the metal, the Physicist Network reported Thursday. ‘This is the strongest direct evidence yet that entanglement leads to quantum criticality, ‘ said study co-author Scott Simiao of Rice University.

To manufacture ultra-pure YbRh2Sifilm, researchers at the Technical University of Vienna have developed an extremely complex material synthesis technique. At near absolute zero, the material can undergo phase changes, from the quantum phase that forms the magnetic sequence “transforms” into a quantum phase that does not form a magnetic sequence. Later, Li Xinwei of Rice University conducted a terahertz spectral experiment on the film near minus 271.75 degrees Celsius, revealing the light-conducting nature of the YbRh2Si2 film when it cooled to a quantum critical point.

“At the quantum tipping point, the conventional wisdom is that only the spin part is the tipping point, ” says Mr. Szofin. But if there is quantum entanglement between the charge part and the spin part, then the charge part becomes critical. In the latest study, we detected the charge portion at the magnetic quantum critical point and found new evidence of very direct quantum entanglement that leads to quantum criticality. “

Stemyu, director of the Center for Quantum Materials at Rice University, points out that quantum entanglement is the basis for storing and processing quantum information. At the same time, scientists believe that quantum criticality can lead to high-temperature superconductivity. Therefore, the latest research can provide a platform for quantum information and high temperature superconducting technology, promote the development of these two technologies, and open the door to new technologies in the fields of computing and communication.