Simon Pegg returns to “Mission: Impossible 7” to continue playing technical and funny characters

As preparations unfolded, the cast of “Mission: Impossible 7” took shape. British actor Simon Pegg will return to the set of Mission: Impossible 7 to continue playing his technical role in the Ethan Hunt action team and fulfilling his hilarious role, it has emerged.

In addition, American actor Shay Wygham, former Captain America’s girlfriend Hayley Atwell and others will join the new Film Starring in the Film. “Mission: Impossible” is one of the best spy action films of the new century, as Tom Cruise’s most famous film series, the series has been the most famous for the eye-popping action scene design, according to the film’s producer David Ellison, Tom Cruise will show “unprecedented stunts” in the film. Enough to be eye-popping. These shots will be more than people think. “

“Mission: Impossible 6” was a global success, with a box office record of $791 million, setting a new box office record for the series. As a result, Christoph McAuley managed to direct two sequels.

Prior to that, the “Mission: Impossible” series liked to find a different director for each one to bring a whole new feel. But this strategy has not worked in terms of previous results. As a result, Paramount has abandoned the idea of finding a new director for each of the two sequels, which will continue with “Mission: Impossible 6” director Christophe McCauley and series star Tom Cruise. In addition, Sky Dance Productions’ David Ellison will continue to work as a producer on three films, from “Mission: Impossible 4” to “Mission: Impossible 6.” According to the plan, the two sequels to “Mission: Impossible” have been successfully scheduled, “Mission: Impossible 7” will be released on July 23, 2021, “Mission: Impossible 8” on August 5, 2022.