Russian research and development to detect new coronavirus method is expected to be diagnosed in 15-20 minutes

The Strategic Planning Center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation is developing a rapid detection method for the new coronavirus, which is expected to be diagnosed in just 15 to 20 minutes, according to Russian satellite news agency. Currently, Major Russian airports are using infrared imagers to identify feverpassengers, but this means can not detect cases in the incubation period.

Russian research and development to detect new coronavirus method is expected to be diagnosed in 15-20 minutes


Russian experts say the lab samples are expected to be ready by the end of January. “We began developing reagents on January 14 thin as soon as we put the genome of the new coronavirus into the international database of the National Biotechnology Information Center (NCBI),” Germaine Shiplin, deputy manager of the Center for Strategic Planning, told Riaz. “

Russian experts added that there is no clear definition of the clinical condition of infectious diseases caused by the virus. In any case, the clinical condition is similar to influenza or acute respiratory disease.

“If a person is sick, we can accurately detect whether the symptoms are caused by coronavirus, ” Shiplin explained. In addition, reagents can be used to examine people who have come into contact with patients. “

But Russian experts say that while the upcoming reagent team can quickly identify sick passengers, it is not suitable for large-scale screening of passengers, which can take hours, and such measures will only hinder the normal operation of the airport.

Japan’s National Institute of Infections is also supporting epidemiological investigations, including contact tracing, the World Health Organization said Wednesday, and the Institute established a new coronavirus polymerase chain reaction detection method on the 16th, and is revising the risk assessment method, including the definition of close contacts.

At present, China’s screening methods for new coronaviruses are mainly based on its clinical performance, epidemiological history, and the use of optimized testing kits to detect the positive results of the new coronavirus nucleic acid.

According to Xinhua News Agency reported on the 19th, the National Health and Construction Commission has for the first time organized the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Military Medicine and other units of the laboratory parallel testing of case samples, and has issued a new type of coronavirus nucleic acid testing kit, requiring all areas to strengthen testing, to treat patients, Timely release of confirmed cases and epidemic prevention and control information.

Experts believe that the current outbreak can still be prevented and controlled. However, the new source of coronavirus infection has not yet been found, the transmission route of the epidemic has not yet been fully mastered, the virus mutation still needs to be closely monitored.