China’s research and development of millimeter wave phased array chip: autonomous control of global broadband Internet access

According to reports, on January 19, network communications and security Zijinshan laboratory held a scientific and technological achievements conference in Nanjing, announced that fully autonomous and controllable, ultra-low cost of large-scale millimeter wave phase difperchip chip, is expected to accelerate the global broadband satellite Internet access and 5G mmwave popularity. According to the official website, Zijinshan Laboratory is Jiangsu Province and Nanjing City to build a global impact of the innovation city, jointly promote the construction of a major scientific and technological innovation platform, in 2018 to invest 10 billion set up.

Since the establishment of the network communication and security Zijinshan laboratory, relying on the future network national major scientific and technological infrastructure, around the major needs of the relevant fields of the country, gathered a large number of top scientific research personnel, focusing on core technology, carried out a number of forward-looking, basic, cutting-edge research, and achieved the network operating system, 5G mmwave chips and network endogenous security and other major scientific and technological achievements.

Some of the technologies released this time are mainly for the future broadband satellite and ground system combination, including Ka-band broadband satellite phased array chip and antenna, Ku-band broadband satellite phased array chip and antenna, 5G millimeter wave phased array chip and antenna, of which 5G millimeter phased array chip is the most important, Its introduction solves the problem of foreign millimeter wave array chip selling too high, of which 256 channels of the millimeter wave phased array chip sold for millions of yuan, the huge cost hinders the commercial development of broadband satellite and 5G millimeter wave technology.

Jinshan Laboratory, Southeast University Professor Yu Xiaohu and Zhao Diwei led the task force jointly with Siri Star Tong Technology Co., Ltd. joint lying, the ultra-low-cost CMOS process millimeter wave chip, large-scale antenna array design carried out in-depth exploration Shennan Circuit Co., Ltd. simultaneously solved the large-scale antenna array circuit board manufacturing and integration process and other key technologies, and for the first time, they more thoroughly unblocked all the core links that hindered the cMOS millimeter wave communication chip to large-scale application, laying the foundation for the technology to become popular.

Zijinshan Laboratory, Southeast University Professor Zhao Diwei said: “Using silicon technology, the same large-scale phased array antenna products, we reduced the cost to a commercial level, to achieve China’s breakthrough in this technology!” “

From the introduction, this 5G millimeter wave phased array chip operating band in 24.5-27.5GHz, 4 independent controllable channels, output p-1 power 15dbm, noise figure 4.5d, emission efficiency of 15%, fallback efficiency of 7%.

Mmwave is one of the most important technologies in 5G, is one of the two major bands of the 5G standard, the main push Sub-6GHz in China, the United States 5G will be mainly mm wave, faster, but also more expensive, the iPhone 12 will also support 5G mmwave.

China's research and development of millimeter wave phased array chip: autonomous control of global broadband Internet access