OnePlus8 Front Spy Exposure: hole-punch design 120Hz no resolution limit

On January 20th,media trueTech brought an exclusive leak of the OnePlus8, the real-life front-of-face spy photo of the OnePlus8. From the front spy photo, the OnePlus8 abandoned the lifting camera design, but returned to the hole-punch design, the hole is located in the front left-hand corner, the surface screen, the border is very narrow, the left side of the body for the volume key, the right side of the body for the mute key and power key.

OnePlus8 Front Spy Exposure: Hole-in-the-hole design 120Hz no resolution limit

In addition, the OnePlus8 screen refresh rate setting slot interface is also exposed with the front screen, which offers three options of 120Hz, 90Hz, and 60Hz, and the higher the refresh rate, the smoother the warm reminder refresh rate.

Given that OnePlus has announced a 2K-plus resolution 120Hz OLED screen, the absence of a resolution option in this setting interface also means that OnePlus does not force users to experience 120Hz at FHD resolution, which is good news for users (previously Galaxy The S20 reveals that turning on 120Hz must be reduced to FHD and that enjoying 2K is 60Hz, which also shows The OnePlus’s confidence in the OnePlus8’s battery life.

In addition, OnePlus’s 120Hz screen through a separate chip solution, in the 120Hz mobile phone screen to achieve high-end TV MEMC video interpolation technology, OnePlus’s MEMC technology can make the original low-frame video dynamic interpolation frame to a maximum of 120 frames, so that the picture more smooth and natural.