Tesla frequently changes map service providers, navigation engine still self-developed

Recently, Tesla officially announced that its map data service will be replaced with Baidu Maps, the latter will provide Tesla with map data services in China, Tesla’s car navigation system in China will be based on Baidu map data service update release. The latter announced the launch of the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) API in China, which provides Tesla with map data services such as basemap display, real-time traffic, POI retrieval and road networks, designed to enhance Tesla’s navigation experience.

Tesla frequently changes map service providers, navigation engine still self-developed

After the news, it also attracted the attention of many Tesla owners. As one of the world’s largest electric car brands, Tesla has enjoyed high popularity in the country, whether it is its cutting-edge fashion appearance, or the technology of intelligent design, as well as the long battery life, has made it the current electric vehicle leader. However, its car navigation products have been repeatedly criticized by car owners, navigation is not accurate, route planning is not timely and other product experience has become the owner of the consistent slot.

Before using Baidu Maps, Tesla had used a four-dimensional map display service, but poor navigation experience smothered car owners to map service providers for a long time.

In this regard, some industry analysts believe that this is not the first time Tesla replaced the domestic in the map display part of the service providers, the last time is the four-dimensional map of the new tencent map, now the Tencent map replaced with Baidu map. So, will this replacement solve Tesla’s navigation al-Like problems? The answer may not be so simple.

It is reported that the previous cooperation between Tesla and the map manufacturers, including the new four-dimensional map to provide the underlying data, while accessing Tencent Map open platform interface, using Tencent maps to provide map display and other basic capabilities, that is, the owner of the Tesla car to see a high-definition map with a logo. However, the map navigation service is mainly composed of the underlying data, navigation engine, map display and other modules, the most critical of which, Tesla insisted on full self-study.

According to industry experts, map display is only a part of the ability to navigate the top layer, if the navigation engine, the core part of the underlying data and other non-service providers, especially the most critical part of the navigation engine, service providers can not intervene, then the service provider basically can not interfere with the map user navigation experience, Previously, many car owners mistakenly believe that the map navigation is not accurate enough to cause the owner’s navigation experience is not good problems. In fact, Tencent’s partnership with Tesla stopped when the contract expired last April.

Tesla frequently changes map service providers, navigation engine still self-developed

This Baidu map with Tesla, still only Tesla to provide basemap display, real-time traffic, POI retrieval and other map data services, the goal is to achieve traffic data updated every minute, map use experience more smooth, map display style effects are also upgraded. But the core part of the navigation engine is still Tesla completed, some of Tesla interested in the tech bloggers still question this, it still seems to be the cure, the previous use of Tencent map of the navigation experience problems may also exist for a long time, car navigation product experience is a step-by-step gradual, It’s hard to get to the level of experience on the mobile version at once. Looking forward to the future Tesla will provide car owners with a better travel service experience.