China’s space station in orbit construction mission is about to begin

As of January 20, 2020, the core prototype of the space station and a new generation of manned spacecraft test ship, after about a week of land and sea transportation, has been safely arrived at the Wenchang space launch site, will participate in the Long March 5 B carrier rocket launch occasion and the first flight mission, marking the Chinese space station in orbit construction mission is about to begin.

China's space station in orbit construction mission is about to begin

The core module is named “Tianhe”, is the management and control center of the Chinese space station, the total length of 16.6 meters, the maximum diameter of 4.2 meters, the launch mass of 22.5 tons, can support the long-term presence of 3 astronauts in orbit, support the development of space science experiments and technical experiments inside and outside the capsule, is currently the largest spacecraft developed in China.

The new generation manned spacecraft is developed for china’s near-Earth space station operation and subsequent manned lunar exploration and other missions, with a total length of 8.8 meters, a launch mass of 21.6 tons, with high safety, high reliability, multi-tasking and modular design characteristics, mainly used to verify pneumatic thermal protection, re-entry control and group umbrella deceleration recovery and other key technologies.

At present, the launch site facilities and equipment in good condition, the preparation of the joint task in an orderly manner. The Long March V B carrier rocket is scheduled to arrive at the Wenchang space launch site in early February.