TSMC CEO Wei Zhejia: April 29 Reveal more details of 3nm process

January 20, according tomedia reports, in the chip manufacturing process in the forefront of the industry, TSMC, this year will be a large-scale mass production of 5nm chips, the market expects Apple this fall new iPhone equipped with the A14 processor, will use TSMC 5nm process, TSMC CEO Wei Zhejia expects the 5nm process to generate about 10% of TSMC’s revenue this year.

TSMC CEO Wei Zhejia: April 29 Reveal more details of 3nm process

With the 5nm process about to be put into operation on a large scale, TSMC’s focus will shift to the more advanced 3nm process, and in a conference call with financial analysts in the fourth quarter of 2019, Mr. Wei also talked about the 3nm process.

Before answering analysts’ questions, Wei gave a look ahead to 2020 and introduced their technology, which was mentioned in the 3nm process before answering analysts’ questions.

Speaking about the 3nm process, Wei said they are working with customers on the design of the 3nm process, which is progressing well. They have a variety of technology options in research and development, and they carefully evaluate all the different approaches, and their decisions are based on technology and maturity, performance, and cost.

Mr Wei said the 3nm process had an advantage over the 5nm technology in terms of performance, power consumption, area and transistor density, and they expected the 3nm process to be the most advanced process with performance, power, area and transistor density.

In their presentation, Mr. Wei also said they would disclose more 3nm details during the TSMC North American Technology Symposium on April 29.

3nm is an important process node after 5nm, TSMC’s 5nm process is about to mass production, in the fourth quarter of the earnings analyst conference call, Wei Zhejia also mentioned the 5nm process, he said that compared with the 7nm process, 5nm can improve the theoretical density of transistors 80%, chip speed can be increased by 20%, The use of ultra-uv lithography process, the current mass production is progressing smoothly, the yield of good products has been considerable, production capacity in the second half of the rapid and steady increase.