Why did Sony “abandon” the E3 again?

Sony announced that it will launch a new generation of consoles, the PS5, in 2020, and will, of course, actively participate in a variety of game shows in the year of the launch console, giving the new consoles a higher level of information. For now, however, it’s no coincidence that Sony is largely absent from the 2020 E3 show, as they didn’t go to E3 in 2019. Sony’s official full statement states its position on the E3 show:

“After thorough consideration, Sony Interactive Entertainment decided not to participate in the 2020 E3 show. We have a lot of respect for the ESA organization, but feel that the vision for the 2020 E3 show is not in line with Sony’s focus. Based on the strategic approach to global events, we will participate in more global consumer activities by 2020. We’ll focus on the players, so that Sony fans feel part of the PlayStation family and bring their favorite content to the players. A series of great games will land on the PS4 with the upcoming PS5 and we’re really looking forward to celebrating 2020 with our fans. ”

Escape E3

The E3 show, fullname electronic Entertainment Expo/Exposition, is directly known as E3 because it has three EEs in its full name, and is the world’s largest annual commercial exhibition in the video game industry, as well as the largest gaming event, mainly in Los Angeles, USA, usually from the second half of May to the beginning of June.

E3 is hosted by ESA (Entertainment and Software Association, Entertainment and Software Association), unlike game-oriented shows such as ChinaJoy, TGS and Ganescom. Each exhibitors are mostly members of the Entertainment and Software Association, so that the industrial chain upstream and downstream have the opportunity to exchange contacts, to the game and host to bring cooperation orders, on the one hand to the media a centralized publicity window, expand the exhibitors’ publicity efforts.

E3’s most important venue , the Los Angeles Convention and Exhibition Center, is smaller than other games, CJ’s Shanghai New International Expo Center 250,000 square meters, Cologne International Exhibition Center, Cologne, Germany, 286,000 square meters, TGS Tokyo video game show’s Chiba Curtain Zhang Zhang zhang 210,000 square meters They are much larger than the E3 show’s approximately 50,000 square meters of space, if not all of the sites are used.

It is also the venue restrictions, E3 exhibition default open group is exhibitors, media and game practitioners, ticket prices are also very high, the vast majority of players can only through the exhibition during the press release news and media news, to learn about the event inside.

Because E3 is easy for publishers and developers to access a variety of mainstream media, it is often assumed that Sony’s involvement in E3 will benefit. After all, E3 is a great event for the gaming world, and during its stay, the mainstream media’s focus is on the gaming industry.

Time goes on into 2020, and the way the game’s players hype high exposure is different from the previous few years, so we don’t have to squeeze into a crowded venue, put up booths to sell and drink, and then use it to attract media footage. The significance of this traditional trade trade fair has long been opposed, such as the two years, another association of the nature of trade fairs to host a large exhibition – CES (International Consumer Electronics Exhibition), has also been evaluated by the United States media as outdated “market”, not only the cost of the venue, exhibition costs, transportation costs are high, The publicity effect of the major exhibitors is not prominent.

Times change.

Today, gaming companies are more aware of the targeted and individual operation of game news and sales information. E3 is a game event where all the game news is bombarded with in a week or two, and a week or two later quickly fades out of the player’s field of view, in which case Sony will only make headlines, even if the PS5 is a hot topic, and will have to join other peers in capturing the player’s attention.

In fact, it wasn’t just Sony that left E3, but several other publishers either downsized or chose not to attend. Publishers such as EA and Blizzard have not been on E3 for many years, and now they host their annual events. Nintendo has a face-to-face session with Treehouse on the E3, but they don’t make a formal launch, and even the company’s bigwigs only occasionally show up. Microsoft, one of the big three, moved to the Microsoft Theater next door, which is still part of the E3 show but has a place in the world.

In some ways, this marks the beginning of the late stages of the E3 era. In the past, E3 has been the newscenter for the gaming industry, with a mission to deliver the latest news to the media and players. At this point, the media’s attention revolves around E3. Today, the spread of live video and social media has broadened the way the game is disseminated, and many developers can easily complete all warm-up marketing online even if they are separated from a particular show.

Wouldn’t it be fun not to go e3, like a hardware manufacturer, to have a special press conference, or to have a circle of fans (players) like the Blizzard Carnival? Sony can, of course, and his “PsX” showcase and video face-to-face “State of Play” are great places to take control of the release rhythm and content, and most importantly, have plenty of time and conditions in their own special sessions. Give players the opportunity to get in touch with new consoles and games and show the best of their products. It turns out that the word-to-mouth effect of “contact” by players also has a significant positive effect on the sale of the game, coupled with subsequent activities and social platform operations, the effect is better. At least to get rid of the previous rush of the show after the end, everyone with the same voice “painting big cake” tune.


The absence of the E3 in 2019 has not cost Sony much, but the continued absence of Sony’s E3 show is far from impressive.

In previous years, the blue (PS) green (Xbox) match, which has always been the focus of onlookers, has been reduced by the absence of one side.

Previously, players looked forward to the E3 show, like the one-shot heart-chilling that is received every summer, for a year. Now everyone’s attention to the E3 exhibition is also much lower, also no longer keep the schedule of the pre-show launch, a game factory’s release broadcast next to see, we receive information also changed the way, before the magazine, the site of the E3 topic refresh to see, for fear of missing their favorite works. Today’s high-traffic game news itself jumps from various social platforms to your eyes, you don’t know.

The 2020 E3 show is still a cause for concern, with the Xbox Series X launch ingresson on E3, and Nintendo bringing its own new work to the E3, with one or two bombshells (such as “Legends of Zelda: Wilderness 2”) that remain situated by the gaming industry’s annual event. But it is clear that there is a need to adapt to many changes in the new era, there are players, there are manufacturers, there are players, there are the festival itself.