NVIDIA MX350/MX330 graphics spec exposure: 14nm Pascal, up to 760SP

The NVIDIA MX series of discrete graphics cards, although old and low-end, have almost become standard with a unique lightweight version. Recently, we have heard about the MX350, MX330, which is obviously a new generation of products, but it is not expected that the specifications will not be too obvious.

Looking back on history, the MX110 and MX130 in the early years were the GM108 cores of the 28nm process and Maxwell Maxwell architecture, with 256 and 384 stream processors, respectively, with 64-bit 1.8GHz DDR3 and 6GHz GD5/DDR3 memory.

The subsequent MX150 was upgraded to a 14nm process, Pascal Pascal architecture GP108 core, 384 flow processors, with 64-bit GDDR5/DDR3 memory, frequency continued 6GHz, and divided into 10W residual blood, 25W full of blood versions.

The current popular MX230, MX250 is still the core of the GP108, 256, 384 stream processors (MX230 compared to the MX130 also reduced), the memory width or 64 bits, but finally abandoned the DDR3, and the frequency of GDDR5 to 7GHz, It’s just that the MX250 still has two versions of blood-scratched, full blood.

NVIDIA MX350/MX330 graphics spec exposure: 14nm Pascal, up to 760SP

In the latest NVIDIA drive, the MX350, MX330 has finally been added, the string is as follows:

NVIDIA_DEV.1C94 ” “NVIDIA GeForce MX350”

NVIDIA_DEV.1D16 ” “NVIDIA GeForce MX330”

As can be confirmed from the device ID, the MX300 series did not upgrade the 12nm Turing Turing architecture, but continued with 14nm Pascal.

Of these, the MX330 will almost certainly continue to use the GP108 core, increasing the flow processor to 384, which will replace the current MX250 status. This is also in line with the specifications previously leaked by GeekBench.

The MX350’s number is very close to the GTX 1050M, and there is a good chance of upgrading to the GP107 core, with an increase in the number of stream processors to 760.

The memory specifications are not known for the time being, the MX330 is certainly still 64 bits, and the MX350 will be in good conscience if it can be upgraded to 128 bits.

Some of the new notebook labels on the CES 2020 are equipped with “NVIDIA Next Generation Graphics”, most likely the MX350 and MX330, which are expected to be released at the end of February.

NVIDIA MX350/MX330 graphics spec exposure: 14nm Pascal, up to 760SP