Domestic UOS system has not been listed, but it’s parent company ArcherMind Technology net profit jumped 10 times

Recently the domestic UOS operating system is very hot, it seems that there is a large unified domestic OS market called anti-Windows system trend. Although UOS has not yet been officially listed, it has already brought huge revenues to parent company ArcherMind Technology , with net profit up 930-960% year-on-year in 2019. ArcherMind Technology  announced its 2019 results tonight. ArcherMind Technology  said it expects to achieve a net profit of 164 million yuan to 169 million yuan in 2019, up 930%-960 percent year-on-year.

ArcherMind Technology  said that the main reason for the sharp increase in net profit from a year earlier was that in 2019 the company completed the sale of a 100% stake in the wholly-owned subsidiary Wuhan ArcherMind Technology  Co., Ltd., which is expected to achieve a one-time investment income of 157 million yuan.

Excluding the above one-time investment income, Chengmei Technology’s net profit decreased year-on-year compared to 2018. The company said the decline was due to a impairment of goodwill to its subsidiaries, an increase in research and development investment and labor costs from a year earlier, and a corresponding share payment for the company’s equity incentive program in 2019.

Domestic UOS system has not been listed parent company Chengmei Technology net profit jumped 10 times

What’s going on? In fact, at the end of last year, ArcherMind Technology  began to integrate its OS systems business, subsidiary Wuhan ArcherMind Technology  and Wuhan Deep Degree Technology merged, respectively, for 200 million, 255 million set up a joint venture software, the company and China Electronics, ZTE and other companies jointly built UOS operating system, But UOS is essentially a deep-developed Deepin system, one of several Linux distributions.

ArcherMind Technology ‘s net profit of 10 times is mainly a one-time income from the establishment of the joint venture, 2018 profit is only 15.92 million yuan, 2018 total revenue is only 530 million yuan.

Not only because of the UOS benefits, ArcherMind Technology ‘s recent share price is also because of the domestic OS is hot-topic, the stock price has repeatedly rose and stopped, the market value now reached 19.7 billion yuan, the last three months because of the announcement of UOS system rose by as much as 150%.