Meizu Chairman Huang Zhang: to pay attention core business in the 5G era to do a good job of products

” Meizu is confident to makeĀ  good products liked by Meizu fans and target users, confident in the 5G era of combat. “January 21news, in the latest issue of the “Gao Peng full of words for the future” New Year series, Meizu Technology Chairman and CEO Huang Zhang was interviewed, reviewed Meizu’s achievements in the past year and plans for the future.

In 2019, Meizu released a number of high- and middle-end and flagship products with snapDragon 6, 8 Series, and The SnapDragon mobile platform helped Meizu achieve “full coverage”, including the Meizu 16s Pro with SnapDragon855 Plus. The Meizu 16T, which features the SnapDragon855, is a high-profile model.

In Huang Zhang’s view, Qualcomm SnapDragon series in terms of performance, power consumption, networking, compatibility and so on are very good, combined with the continuous optimization of Flyme 8, so that Meizu mobile phone’s overall performance and comprehensive experience is more excellent, “continue to approach our ideal state.”

If Meizu in 2019 is still in the transition period of strategic adjustment, the Meizu target for 2020 is even clearer. Referring to the future development strategy, Huang Zhang said: “In the past period of time, we have revised some of the problems before, refocusing on the high-end, no longer blindly to chase the so-called sales fight, not to over-pursue cost-effective and overdraft enterprises and brand long-term growth.” ”

He said that after adjustment, Meizu although the size of the smaller, but alive, and now live more healthy, the company’s attention is more concentrated. Flyme has a good reputation in the industry. “We will continue to do this by tapping into new 5G requirements for our hardware and software experiences.” ”

Huang Zhang stressed that the future Meizu will firmly do Meiyou and target users like good products, regain the initial heart to build Meizu 5G mobile phone. The company’s management will be more empowered to management, and it will focus more on building products.

Meizu Chairman Huang Zhang: floating dust scattered to pay attention to the initial attention in the 5G era to do a good job of products

It is worth mentioning that in 2020 Meizu will be established for the 17th anniversary, so its new 5G flagship is named Meizu 17. Earlier, officials have announced that Meizu 17 will be officially launched in the spring of 2020. In addition to the expected Qualcomm SnapSnapdragon 865 flagship platform, Huang also revealed that the aircraft in terms of performance and network experience is an absolute flagship level. In addition, there will be new innovations in materials, images, experiences, etc.

“The 17 series will certainly be a good-looking and useful product , ” Huang said.

In terms of 5G strategic layout, Meizu has become a 5G strategic partner of the three major operators in 2019. Huang said that in 2020 will continue to deepen close cooperation with the three major operators to jointly promote China’s 5G ecological and user experience progress.

Mr Huang said 5G made the real Internet of Everything possible and that the role of mobile phone makers would face a richer shift in the foreseeable future. Meizu is also actively exploring smartphone-centric, from the user’s core needs of connected products, especially in The traditional advantages of Meizu in the field of acoustics, I believe that next year will bring everyone’s favorite products.

In the future, Meizu will continue to increase investment in the research and development of the next generation of mobile communications technology, and actively seek more partners to strengthen the design and verification of 5G terminals and innovative applications, thereby promoting the development of AIoT industrialization of the core needs of users.

Looking ahead to the development of mobile science and technology in the next few years, Huang Zhang believes that the progress of science and technology, the development of technical means, the purpose is to serve people, to serve human nature. No matter at what stage, no matter how rapidly mobile technology applications and product species evolve.

“I think the most important thing is to be the characteristics of technological progress, and the improvement of the core needs of users to do the best link, I believe Meizu in this area of insight and accumulation. Huang Zhang said, Meizu is confident to make Meiyou and target users like good products, confident in the 5G era of fighting.