China’s Internet listed companies market cap comparison: Ali equals 10.3

Internet companies’ big “bull market”, some rose by 5 Baidu’s cap, some is negative growth, you bought the right stock? In the past year, we all feel that the market less money, especially start-up companies, will feel the financing environment is extremely difficult. But in the secondary market, the vast majority of head Internet companies have reaped a “bull market” year.

According to 21Tech, as of the evening of January 20, the market capitalization of listed Internet companies, TOP10, was $610.1 billion for Alibaba, $486.9 billion from Tencent, $82.7 billion for Meituan Dianping, $58.9 billion for and $48.3 billion for Baidu. Ping Duo $45.8 billion, NetEase $44.7 billion, Xiaomi $41.1 billion, Good Future $31.9 billion, $36024.3 billion.

China's Internet listed companies market cap comparison: Ali s 10.3 JD

From a share price growth perspective, top10 the most increased in the past 52 weeks was 251.04 per cent, Meituan Dianping 160.24 per cent, Vipshop 140.17 per cent, Ping Duo Duo 113.6 per cent, Perfect World 105.8 per cent, JD 87.67 per cent , Good Future 86.02%, NetEase 74.57%, bilibili 72.34%, Xiaomi Group 60.63%.

China's Internet listed companies market cap comparison: Ali s 10.3 JD

In terms of market value increase (compared to the closing market value on January 2, 2019), TOP10 companies are Alibaba $243.3 billion, Tencent $111.6 billion, MeituDianping $51.8 billion, $27.8 billion, Ping Duo Duo20 billion, NetEase $16.6 billion, Haoweilai $16.5 billion, Ctrip $6.6 billion, 37-7 Entertainment $6.4 billion and iqiyi $6.3 billion.

China's Internet listed companies market cap comparison: Ali s 10.3 JD

Ali’s market value is 7.3, the latter is last year’s biggest winner.

It can be found that listed Internet companies as a whole present a “two super-strong” pattern, Ali, Tencent two super Internet companies far ahead of the market value. At Alibaba’s current market capitalisation, it is equivalent to 7.3 Meituan Dianping, 10.3, 12.6 Baidu and 13.3 Pingduoduo.

Meituan Dianping,, Baidu, Ping Duo, NetEase, Xiaomi formed the second tier of market capitalization rankings, of which Baidu, Ping Duo Duo, NetEase, Xiaomi’s market value is very close, all in the 40-50 billion range, The rankings of these companies may also change with a surge.

According to the financial sector statistics on August 15 last year, the second tier of companies at that time ranked jd.

As China’s third-largest game maker, the share price has doubled 2.5 times last year, but its current market value is $9.3 billion, a big gap in volume compared to Tencent and NetEase.

Meituan Dianping’s share price rose the second-highest among internet companies, at 160.24 per cent, and more importantly, Meituan Dianping’s market capitalisation base is much larger than that of 37. As can be seen from the ranking of the increase in market capitalisation, Meituan Dianping’s market capitalisation grew by $51.8bn last year, equivalent to a rise in Baidu.

China's Internet listed companies market cap comparison: Ali s 10.3 JD

Meituan Dianping 2019 share price movement

Alibaba and Tencent’s share price growth did not go into top10, but the market capitalisation base is already very large, so even if only 53.72 per cent and 26.84 per cent, the market value change is still very significant, including Alibaba last year grew $243.3 billion and Tencent grew $111.6 billion.

In terms of value, Alibaba’s increase in market capitalisation last year was equivalent to a rise in “Meituan Dianping, and Ping Duo”.

Of course, two of the Internet companies with a market capitalisation of more than $10 billion are negative, compared with the market capitalisation of early 2019, namely Baidu and Weibo. On January 2, 2019, Baidu closed at $162.25 per share and Weibo at $58.94 per share, while as of January 17, 2020, Baidu’s share price was $139.61 per share, $46.79 per share, respectively, wiping $7.833 billion and $2.727 billion.

Here’s the Internet market value TOP25

China's Internet listed companies market cap comparison: Ali s 10.3 JD