Google Doodle honors Martin Luther King Jr. to focus on the spirit of solidarity he conveys

The cornerstone of Martin Luther King’s struggle for equality is unity: he believes that if people achieve any thing, they must be united, according to cNET, amedia outlet. “We must learn to live together as brothers, or we must perish like fools, ” he said in a speech in 1965. “

Google Doodle honors Martin Luther King Jr. to focus on the spirit of solidarity he conveys

Google on Monday released its latest tweet in honor of the slain civil rights leader, highlighting the message. Martin Luther King’s birthday was on January 15, but a federal law signed in 1986 designated the third Monday of January as Martin Luther King Day.

Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta on January 15, 1929, and began working as a Baptist missionary in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1954. His extraordinary message of civil disobedience and love, delivered by nonviolent citizens, shaped the character of the movement. Martin Luther King urged Americans of all races to remain “working to build a world of brotherhood, cooperation and peace.”

He led Montgomery’s boycott of buses in 1955 against segregation in Alabama’s urban public transportation system. In 1963, during a march in Washington, d.C., he published his signature “I Have a Dream”, calling for an end to racism. As a result of his efforts, Martin Luther King Won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 – but four years later he was assassinated by racists.

Monday’s Doodle was created by Atlanta-based artist Fahamu Pecou, who wanted to highlight the social impact of Martin Luther King Jr.

“He reminded us that no one has ever been given the right to fight for him,” Mr Pecou said. And when we unite – we as a nation, as a citizen, as a human being – we can overcome everything and make the world a better place. “

This isn’t the first time Google Doodle has paid tribute to Martin Luther King. In 2018, Google Doodle portrays a young girl who was attracted to Martin Luther King’s powerful words, while in 2015 Doodle chronicles a historical event by Martin Luther King, “The March from Selma to Montgomery.” In 2013, Doodle marked the 50th anniversary of his “I Have a Dream” speech.