Microsoft officially open source New Rust-inspired programming language Verona

A month ago, Microsoft researcher Matthew Parkinson mentioned that Microsoft was developing a new Rust-based programming language, named Verona. Microsoft has now officially opened microsoft with Verona. According to Microsoft, the Verona project is designed to explore research on language and runtime design for secure, scalable memory management and partitioning. This open source prototype covers only memory management.

Microsoft officially open source New Rust-inspired programming language Verona

In addition, Microsoft shared some research questions about the higher levels of the Verona project:

If we design a language without concurrent mutations, can we build scalable memory management?

Can you use linear regions to eliminate the limit on the linearity of each object without sacrificing memory management?

Can language-level regions be used to support separation?

These issues are at different stages of research and will be peer-reviewed in future papers.

As we’ve introduced earlier, Verona is a new language based on Rust. But Rust isn’t the only language that inspired the Verona project, and it draws on the concepts of Cyclone, a secure C language, and Pony.

Microsoft also stressed that this is a research project, not a product, and has nothing to do with Microsoft’s use of C, C, and Rust. They hope the Verona research project will benefit other languages, and they hope to use it as a “research programming language” that will attract more academic collaborators through open source to explore the concept of concurrent ownership. At present, the project is not ready for use in areas other than research.