PS5 developer system UI first exposure: looks similar to PS4

Recently, a player on 4Chan first exposed the PS5 developer’s system UI, which looks similar to the PS4’s, continuing the PS4’s square brick design. According to the picture, the PS5 developer is equipped with 1TB SSD and the system version is 0.100.020. The current UI interface looks very simple, missing many functions, such as PSN functions, screenshots, the current PS4 UI vertical and so on.

PS5 developer system UI first exposure looks similar to PS4

Media speculated that Sony’s previous development of the machine UI and the final retail version of the host’s UI is eventually similar, so the official PS5 host on the UI and the image above may not be much different, which also means that users accustomed to PS4 UI can quickly adapt to the PS5 from the beginning.

Previously, there have been rumors that the PS5 host will be officially announced in February, it is said that the launch will show the main interface of the host, the main shape of the host, handle and so on.