Surface Laptop users can’t exit Windows 10 S mode

Microsoft introduced the lightweight Windows 10 S model in 2017, which must download and install apps through the official Store, so it has an advantage in security. Some devices, including Surface Laptop, are pre-installed with S-enabled Windows 10 operating systems. In addition, Microsoft offers the option to exit S mode for a complete Windows experience.

Surface Laptop users can't exit Windows 10 S mode

(Instagram via Windows Latest)

Users can search for “exit from S mode” in the Windows Store, however some Surface Laptop users complain:

The exit button failed to work, reported an error without a page loading, and shut out users who wanted to install the full version of windows 10 and Win32 applications on their device.

One user wrote on the Microsoft community forum: “I launched a brand new laptop yesterday, updated everything I wanted to use, and wanted to exit S mode. However, after clicking the button, it has not been able to do so.”

Surface Laptop users can't exit Windows 10 S mode

(Pictured: Aleksohr, via Microsoft Forum)

Another confirmed: ‘The so-called ‘get’ button doesn’t apply to any application. If you can see the ‘Add to Cart’ option, there may be a workaround. Unfortunately, it cannot be used to exit S mode.

A support representative toldmedia: ‘Microsoft is aware of the problem and is rolling out fixes to consumers.

Some users confirmed that the error had been resolved, while others were still troubled. It is believed that the exit switching option for Windows 10 S mode will gradually return to normal as the fix is deployed.