Subaru CEO: Americans aren’t too interested in electric cars except Tesla

Tomomi Nakamura, CEO of Subaru, said Americans were less interested in electric cars than Tesla. Tomomi Nakamura told a news conference that he didn’t see much evidence that U.S. consumers wanted electric or plug-in hybrids, and that the only good-selling electric car was Tesla.

Subaru CEO: Americans aren't too interested in electric cars except Tesla

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Tomomi Nakamura also expressed concern about complying with environmental regulations while meeting consumer needs.

Subaru, a Japanese brand headquartered in Tokyo, relies on the U.S. market for two-thirds of its global sales.

Subaru launched the plug-in hybrid version of the Crosstrek in 2018, but sales were not good, and the company said the model sold an average of just 300 vehicles a month.