AMD 7nm CPU/GPU forces Intel and NVIDIA to cut prices at the same time

Since the acquisition of ATI, AMD has prided itself on being the only company that can provide both high-performance CPU and GPU chips, and is unique in the industry. However, before AMD in the CPU, GPU market is the second market, competitiveness is not strong enough, now 7nm Ryzen 3000 processor and Navi graphics card, AMD finally at the same time, forcing Intel, NVIDIA two companies at the same time to reduce prices.

The most recent was the graphics card, which, just days before the RX 5600 XT graphics card was due to go on sale, nVIDIA announced a $50 cut in the price of the RTX 2060 graphics card, from $349 to $299 – you know, nVIDIA has been a standout in the graphics market over the past few years, and the average ASP price has been rising. There are very few active price cuts, and now the RTX 2060 graphics card price reduction shows that AMD is threatening the n-card status.

Of course, after the RTX 2060 cut by $50, AMD also announced a new version of the BIOS in color, which increased the frequency of the RX 5600 XT graphics card by 17% and the player “white” at least 10% of the game’s performance.

AMD 7nm CPU/GPU forces Intel and NVIDIA to cut prices at the same time

On the CPU side, Intel announced a few days ago to the second generation of scalable processor parts of the model discontinued, price reduction news, including the second generation of scalable Toe-Strong M-Series all discontinued, L-Series at the same time reduced to the M-Series grade, the decline range from 27% to 54%, including the flagship platinum 8280L The lowest gold medal of 5215L fell from $9,119 to $4,224, from $17,906.

In the past, Intel also directly cut the price of the new flagship processor of the 10th Generation Core X, the CORE i9-10980XE, and the new LGA2066, from the highest price of $979 in 1979.