Intel “Rocket Lake” continues to polish 14nm: new CPU architecture, Gen12 core independence

Intel should launch the 10th-generation Core Desktop in April, the Comet Lake series processor, and the flagship Core i9-10900K will be upgraded to 10-core 5.3GHz. Comet Lake is followed by a 14nm Rocket Lake processor, and the core number may be back to 8 cores, but this generation of processors can look a lot.

In intel will not be able to significantly expand production of 14nm and 10nm capacity, the two processes will be used in the next few years, which doomed the future of Intel two or three generations of processors have to continue to polish, Intel has found a way to make the CPU core and process decoupling, CPU architecture is no longer fixed lying on a generation of processes, which is the basis for the next 14nm Rocket Lake processor changes.

According to the latest revelations, the Rocket Lake CPU, which will come out in 2021, has mixed two processes, the CPU part is a 14nm process, the microkernel is not yet sure, may continue to change the 14nm Skylake, or possibly 10nm Willow Cove architecture down.

Judging from the rumors that the CPU core of the Rocket Lake processor has dropped from 10 to 8 core, the possibility of using the new core is more likely.

The GPU is the biggest change, and the upgrade of the Gen12 core is not running, as is the Xe architecture, as is DG1 and Tiger Lake, although the EU unit is expected to be 32, which is more than the 96 EU units of 10nm Tiger Lake.

But the point is, Rocket Lake’s iGPU core is independent of the CPU, in fact, should not be called the core, it is a 10nm process to manufacture an independent GPU, which is a bit like the Clarkfile processor, CPU, GPU independent core, but encapsulated together.

The closest 14nm Rocket Lake processor is a bit like the Kaby Lake-G processor of 2018, using Intel’s 14nm CPU core, AMD’s Vega GPU and HBM2 memory, and using EMIB encapsulation technology. However, Rocket Lake does not necessarily have EMIB packaging technology to increase, after all, to consider the cost.

More than once, the rocket lake CPU has been the subject of such a statement, given Intel’s real problems, the 2021 Rocket Lake CPU may indeed have the most unique upgrade of Intel in nearly a decade – 14nm CPU, 10nm GPU mix, new architecture and old process fusion situation, Technically very new, but how the final product also depends on the effect of fusion, CPU, . If GPU performance is strong enough, consumers have nothing to say.