Apple gets new patent: may be used to install iPhone third-party external lenses

According to a patent obtained by Apple, the camera bump on the future iPhone may include a “interlocking device” that can be used to install additional third-party lenses.

Over the past few years, companies, including Apple, have added cameras to new smartphones to enable ultra-wide-angle and macro capabilities. In addition, the functions of low-light shooting are realized through software and algorithms.

Apple gets new patent: or to install iPhone third-party external lenses

Apple is understood to have applied for this special patent for interchangeable lenses in 2017, but it did not get it until January 14. Apple’s idea involves sticking an adhesive to the base. A groove on the base corresponds to the mounting ring on the back of the lens.

Depending on the patent details, another version can take advantage of a separate camera module that includes sensors and autofocus coils. In some embodiments, the camera module may include one or more components that qualify the optical axis, the lens barrel (and) lens carrier that holds one or more lens elements connected to the interlocking device, etc.

The patent also mentions a voice-activated motor and a processor that displays images on the iPhone and iPad’s displays.