Tesla shares close up 7.29% ahead of next week’s earnings

Tesla shares jumped 7.29 percent to $547.2 after news in the early hours of January 22. Tesla will report quarterly earnings next week. The company’s surprise third-quarter profit and strong fourth-quarter results, as well as the start-up of its Shanghai super plant, have helped drive share stakes, with Tesla’s shares up more than 100 percent in the past three months.

Tesla shares close up 7.29% ahead of next week's earnings

On January 18th the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said it had received a petition from brian Sparks, an independent investor. The report found that Tesla cars had unexpected acceleration risks and requested a recall of 500,000 Tesla electric cars.

In response, Tesla’s president for Greater China, Lao Zhu-Tesla, responded yesterday via an official personal tweet, “This nonsense is a short tesla stock, and he is not a Tesla owner of the people.” “