Google releases three apps designed to curb mobile addiction

Over the past two years, Google has tackled mobile addiction through initiatives such as Digital Welling, according to neowin, amedia outlet. Since then, Google has made a number of improvements and tweaks to the feature. Recently, we’ve seen some additional features, such as Focus mode, a 30-minute pause for the Wind Down feature, and a stand-alone program called Digital Health Experiments.

Google releases three apps designed to curb mobile addiction

Google took another step in curbing mobile addiction on Tuesday by launching three apps aimed at addressing the problem directly. The three applications are:

Envelope Envelope

Activity Bubbles

Screen Stopwatch

First, Envelope is currently only supported on the Pixel 3a, which converts the phone into a device that does the basic work. It seems interesting to do this; people basically print out an envelope and insert pixel 3a into it. The fingerprint reader and main camera that are put into the envelope are still available, allowing people to make calls, view time and take some photos and videos, but all need attention. The video for the app is shown below:

In addition, the Activity Bubbles app uses bubbles to visualize mobile usage, which increases as your phone spends more time. Screen Stopwatch does something similar, but it shows how long people use their phones. From the moment you unlock your phone, the app starts to clock, like Activity Bubbles, and it displays that time on the home screen through live wallpaper.

Google releases three apps designed to curb mobile addiction

All three apps are part of the Digital Health Experiments program, which people can download for free in the Play Store. However, as mentioned earlier, Envelope is now the exclusive product of Pixel 3a.