EA announces it will phase out iOS’s “Russian Block” app in April

According tomedia Macrumors, EA announced Tuesday in an app update to Tetris Premium, Tetris 2011 and Tetris Blitz. that it will stop the iOS version of the “Russian Block” on April 21, 2020. Support for the app. However, the company did not explain the specific reasons in the update.

The app updates are as follows:

Hello, fans: So far, we’ve had a great journey with you, but unfortunately it’s time to say goodbye. From 21 April 2020, The Tetris (R) app of The EA will be eliminated and will no longer be available. Please note that you will still be able to enjoy the game and use any existing in-app purchases until 21 April 2020. We hope you get a lot of enjoyment from this game, thank you for your continued support. Thank you!

Customers who purchased in-app items in EA’s Tetris app will need to run out of them before the game is eliminated on April 21, 2020. Although some applications can still be used after they are removed from the App Store, this sounds like EA has completely cancelled access to Tetris games.

Over the years, EA has provided several updates for its Tetris app. But the company hasn’t updated these apps since the summer of 2018.