Doctors discover a terrible new drug-resistant ‘superbug’

Doctors and health experts around the world are most concerned about the emergence of so-called “superbugs” — bacteria that are resistant to common antibiotics — according tomedia. Scientists already know many of them, and the battle to defeat them is ongoing. Now, researchers in Sweden have discovered another virus, coming directly from patient samples from five years ago.

Doctors discover a terrible new drug-resistant 'superbug'


Although the news is not the end of the world, it is by no means good news.

Nearly a century ago, the advent of antibiotics led to a medical revolution. Unfortunately, over time, some bacteria have mutated their defenses against drugs, forcing scientists to develop new drugs to fight them. This re-estoppal struggle is still going on, and researchers have been looking for new strains that have developed their own unique ability to defend against generic drugs.

The newly discovered bacteria by Swedish researchers are known to have been extracted from samples taken from a patient in 2014. Until recently, scientists at the University of Gothenburg studied it carefully before identifying it as a new genus of bacteria.

The study’s lead author, Francisco Salva Serra, said in a statement that this situation shows the importance of developing antibiotics that can identify an infection, because broad-spectrum antibiotics help bacteria develop resistance, including those that cause disease.