Who stole the hive in California?

According tomedia reports, when you think of the common targets of thieves, beehives should not be at the top of the list, but recently someone in the United States from a California orchard i stole nearly 100 hives, resulting in the loss of tens of thousands of dollars, and the theft also caused local law enforcement to confused.

Who stole the hive in California?


The hives belong edgy keeper Mike Potts, who is the owner of Oregon-based Pottsy’s Pollination, KCRA reported. Orchard operators hire beekeepers like Potts to provide bees to pollinate their plants to ensure good yield and keep the plants healthy.

Potts said the theft could cost him $44,000 in lost revenue, but the most important thing now is to find bees.

“I want to get them back, and I think a lot of beekeepers here are looking for them, too,” Potts told the media. This will also affect farmers, because bees will be short. Fortunately, I have enough money to make up for what I have done or what I have lost. But it affects farmers because the loss of bees affects farmers in Oregon and Washington state. “

The obvious question is how a person can steal a pile of hives without going to the attention. In response, Potts argues, thieves need tools such as a flatbed truck to take them away. Now, local law enforcement is investigating the theft.