AMD digs up three former Intel and IBM senior engineers

In the technology industry, the flow of engineers is quite flexible, and the poaching operation between competing enterprises is also quite common. For example, at the same time that Intel announced its new CEO, AMD has recruited several new members. First, Dan McNamara, a former senior vice president of Intel’s Networking and Custom Logic division. If you had worked for 11 years before Intel acquired Altera.

AMD digs up three former Intel and IBM senior engineers

(Image via AnandTech)

Amd said Dan McNamara will serve as Senior Vice President and General Manager of his own server business unit.

This means that his role will continue to expand to accelerate the growth of the AMD EPYC portfolio and to engage more deeply with customers to build new server solutions through AMD hardware.

In addition, AMD recruited two former IBM employees with more than 20 years of experience at IBM. Dr. Bradley McCredie was hired by AMD in June last year.

Bradley began working at IBM in 1991 on mainframe packaging and POWER systems development and served as President of the OpenPOWER Foundation, where he eventually spent 28 years at IBM.

Bradley is now appointed Vice President of AMD’s GPU Platform symmer, where he is responsible for executing AMD’s data center strategy, including CPUs and GPUs, and reports directly to Forrest Norrod.

The other is Joshua Friedrich, who has worked at IBM for 20 years.

Joshua is responsible for the development of clock gating, POWER6 frequency leads, POWER7 chip power leads, POWER8 chip circuits, POWER9 concepts/advanced design and non-core aspects

Joshua was still developing the power design of the future before leaving IBM. However, after joining AMD, he will be responsible for CPU/GPU integration technology and will report to Chief Technology Officer Mark Papermaster.

In other words, Joshua can inject his wealth of experience into APUs or other unique products to create more differentiated products on the platform/solution.

Interestingly, Scott Aylor, Vice President and General Manager of AMD Data Center Solutions, is currently on leave and will leave at some point in the future.

Dan McNamara will take his place, but CRN reports that Scott Aylor’s departure is unrelated.