Blizzard intends to add new technology to World of Warcraft 9.0

At last week’s Blizzard Carnival, the company unveiled a 9.0 update called Shadow Country, adding new stories and content, and Blizzard is ready to experiment with the latest technologies, such as ray-tracing, in this latest version. Blizzard appears intent on adding ray-tracing support to World of Warcraft at 9.0, according to a recent interview with two World of Warcraft producers by the gaming website MMO-Champion.


Of course, this is not to say that users whose computer configuration is not powerful will be abandoned. World of Warcraft will continue to cater to the minimum configuration with the maximum player base. At the same time, developers want to integrate the latest technology, just as they did early in the game life cycle. In a previous feature film, “Battle for Azeroth” to add support for DirectX 12, World of Warcraft later became the first game to support DirectX 12 on Windows 7, paving the way for other games.


It’s unclear what ray-tracing effects World of Warcraft will add. For example, we’ve seen ray-traced shadows, ambient masking, global illumination, and reflections in other games.

World of Warcraft 9.0 is expected to be officially launched in 2020.


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