Scientists are using rapid vaccine development technology to develop new coronavirus vaccine

The University of Queensland in Australia is using a patented technology to quickly produce a vaccine against the new coronavirus. Keith Chappell of the University of Queensland, one of the leaders of the research project, told Xinhua on Tuesday that the school’s research team has obtained a genetic sequence of the new coronavirus and is in the early stages of developing a vaccine.

The patented technology, called Molecular Pliers, developed by a research team at the University of Queensland, which has been able to develop a vaccine against MERS coronaviruses, Nipa virus, Ebola virus and influenza viruses has been successfully tested by using the technology to develop vaccines against MERS coronaviruses, nipa virus, Ebola virus and influenza viruses.

Mr Chappell said it was very difficult to develop vaccines, so it was important that laboratories around the world work edify vaccines at the same time. “We’re going to race against the virus and fight for the time to develop an effective vaccine for all of humanity,” he said.

Chappell also said they hope to work with a team of researchers with relevant clinical trialexperience and animal experimental models to speed up the development of a new coronavirus vaccine. If other teams are the first to develop a vaccine, they can also help with vaccine testing.