Huawei urges Australia to lift ban: Australia 5G will be made in China no matter how

Telecom equipment supplier Huawei has submitted a document to the House of Representatives of the Australian Federal Parliament urging Australia to lift its ban on 5G technology in an analysis of the status quo, the Sydney Morning Herald reported, or Australia could fall behind in the global 5G race. In the document, which was submitted to the Australian House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts, Huawei noted that “Australia has fallen behind in the global 5G competition, which is having a huge impact on Australia’s competitiveness and future prosperity”.

“Given the failure of Australia’s previous NBN fibre network project, 5G is Australia’s last chance to provide world-class high-speed broadband to its people,” the document said. ”

Europe and Asian countries “already have nationwide 5G network coverage” and Australia ‘s most major cities don’t have 5G coverage,” Huawei said in the filing. “Huawei is particularly concerned that consumers in some parts of Australia and the countryside do not have or have limited access to 5G services. ”


Huawei said the Australian government’s 2018 ban on supplying equipment to Australia’s 5G mobile network, citing security concerns, was a key reason to stop Australia from “deploying the best 5G in the world”. “If the potential influence of the Chinese government is to prevent Huawei from building Australia’s 5G, then we should also consider imposing such a ban on Huawei’s rivals (Nokia and Ericsson). The document states that Australia’s 5G technology will be made in China, regardless of Huawei’s involvement.

In the document, Huawei stressed that the company is very focused on network security, in the process of network technology development, has taken into account organized crime, terrorists, state actors, local hackers and other circumstances, otherwise Huawei “will not have a $100 billion business.”

In addition to Australia, the United States and Japan have taken similar actions against two Chinese companies, Huahua and ZTE, citing security concerns, the report said. But many European countries, including britain and Germany, seem likely to allow Huawei to participate in 5G network construction. With political chaos continuing in the UK and a decision on whether to allow Huawei to supply equipment for the UK’s 5G networks, some mobile providers in the UK have begun using Huawei’s devices on 5G networks.

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