Audi will test cellular V2X technology in Virginia this year for “dialogue” with the building area

According tomedia CNET, the vehicle wireless communication technology (V2X) is a new generation of information and communication technology that connects vehicles to everything, essentially enabling cars to “talk” with other vehicles, fixed objects and infrastructure. Audi will begin testing the technology this year. The company said Wednesday that it will work with the Virginia Department of Transportation to trial cellular V2X technology later this year. Qualcomm is also working to power its chipset to power the C-V2X system to be used.

The automaker will use the 5.9GHz band previously proposed by the Federal Communications Commission as an distribution band for V2X technology. First, these V2X trials will be rolled around the building area and will enhance Audi’s traffic light information system, which provides the driver with a countdown until the signal turns green.

In the building area, the system will issue a progressive warning to the Audi Q8 via the Qualcomm chipset. The final series of warnings will alert the driver to the actual identity of the worker in the work area. All of this work is seamless, and the infrastructure communicates information to the car via the C-V2X band. Audi and the Virginia Department of Transportation believe the technology could prevent 6,000 deaths a year in the future.

The Virginia Institute of Technology’s School of Transportation will assist in developing the software needed for the system to make it a reality later this year, and will then conduct field tests to see how the technology is actually applied.

Audi was one of the first companies to adopt V2X technology, and its traffic light information system is now operating in 25 cities. In the future, this same technology will hopefully allow cars to “tell” other vehicles about icy roads, traffic problems and other hazards that require attention.