Motorola XT2055-2 new phone code-named “blackjack” is available at the FCC

According to FCC filings, The Smartphone, which is modeled for the XT2055-2, is expected to be released soon, and may contain a large battery at a price in the list of entry-level or midrange devices, though the FCC has not released details of the new smartphone. The new model, the XT2055-2, may be equipped with a 5000mAh battery, while its specifications indicate that it may not support dual-band Wi-Fi, indicating that the model may be an entry-level device focused on battery life.

According to documents submitted to the FCC, the XT2055-2 has a diagonal length of 175 mm and a screen size of approximately 6.6 inches if the border is included. It could also make it the “largest” variant of Motorola’s mid-size smartphone portfolio.

The publication Nashville Chatter points out that the XT2055-2 may not be part of the Motorola G8 family, as it usually carries the model name of the Motorola XT2041, in addition to other variants of Motorola’s “blackjack”” smartphone, suggesting that the device may be available in multiple countries.

Motorola is believed to be making more devices, as FCC, EEC and WFA filings show multiple model names, including the Motorola XT2043, which reportedly comes with a 4000mAh battery, and the Motorola XT2045, XT2052 and XT2053. They may all be upcoming devices that belong to different product lines under the Motorola and Lenovo smartphone product lines.

Interestingly, the XT2053 model was recently discovered on the NBTC certification site in Thailand, referring to the smartphone’s name Lenovo K11, which is expected to be a mid-range phone with a 6.2-inch drop display and Android 9 Pie software.