New drug developed to bring cancer metastasis under control

Fighting cancer sometimes feels like playing a game of ground hogs — even if the primary tumor is removed, the disease will recur in other organs, according tomedia. Now researchers at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medicine have developed a drug that could prevent the spread of cancer.

New drug developed to bring cancer metastasis under control


Previous studies have shown that tumors secrete substances before they begin to spread to prepare them for new places. One way of the disease is to make the blood vessels in the target area “leak” so that the cancer can penetrate them more easily. The new drug, invented by researchers at the Harry Perkins Institute, is designed to prevent this from happening.

The drug was originally developed to overcome a different but related problem. Some cancers protect themselves from the immune system by building a vascular barrier around them. The goal of the drug is to “normalize” these blood vessels, making the tumor vulnerable again. In the latest study, the team realized that it could also help prevent transfer.

If all goes according to plan, the drug could be a key part of cancer treatment, the team said. Not only can it help directly fight cancer, but it can also be used to put patients in remission. After the primary tumor has been removed, the drug can be used to prevent any residual cancer cells from re-rooting in other parts of the body.

Study author Ruth Ganss said: “We now have a drug that not only opens up primary tumors, increases immunotherapy and treatment pathways, but also prevents their metastatic spread.” If the cancer has spread, the drug can enhance the patient’s immune response to the new cancer. We now know that we can intervene in the early and late stages of cancer. “

The study was published in Nature Immunology.