Musk’s return to Twitter for just four days in his self-imposed “exile”

How did Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk free themselves from the self-imposed Twitter “exile,” according to foreign media CNET. A good parachute test video.

马斯克回归Twitter  其自我设定的“流亡”只历时四天

On Friday, the entrepreneur posted a cryptic message on Twitter, saying he was “not sure what the benefits of Twitter are.” He then posted on Twitter that he would “go offline.” But it took him only a few days to change his mind.

马斯克回归Twitter  其自我设定的“流亡”只历时四天

Musk retweeted a paceX video on Monday that showed the successful test of a manned Dragon spacecraft’s parachute. Musk congratulated the team involved in the test. “Obviously, we’ve only completed one multi-parachute test for the Mk3, so we’ve got nine tests left to help you achieve 10 consecutive successful tests,” Musk wrote.

Musk then commented on a poem and responded to a 2011 tweet about rocket technology.

His Twitter followers seemed excited about the comeback, tweeting replies such as “Welcome To Erron” and “You’re not boring!” “Messages like that.

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