‘Bloodhound’ supersonic car breaks 450mph speed target

At the end of October, the Bloodhound supersonic team broke a new record of 334 mph for more than a decade, foreign media reported. On Friday, local time, the car broke the 450mph record, very close to the current target of 500mph set by the bloodhound LSR.


The Run Profile 5 isn’t all about speed, and the LSR team wants to test the left parachute. Driver Andy Green first raised the speed to 50mph (80km/h), then pressed the accelerator to push the thrust to 90kN, then accelerated on the Huxtable Desert runway.

Green relaxed the throttle when it reached 440mph (708km/h), but the acceleration increased the car’s speed by 461mph (741.9km/h) before the parachute was opened. The front brakes are only used when the supersonic car is reduced to 150 mph. When driving 9km on the track, the car crane prepares the Run Profile 6.

Unfortunately this did not happen and the planned 500mph had to be suspended due to minor damage. The damage is currently being repaired, and the Bloodhound team is planning its next challenge. It is reported that the team’s goal is to break the current record of 763.035 mph (1227.9km/h) later next year and then focus on breaking the 1000mph record.

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