The American drama “Kung Fu” will be remade into a movie, “Dead pool 2” directed by David Leitch

David Leitch, director of “The Fast And The Furious 2” and “Speed and Passion: Special Operations,” is expected to direct the reboot of “Kung Fu,” according tomedia reports. Universal Pictures has acquired the rights to the 1970s American drama Kung Fu and is hatching a remake of the film. The American drama “Kung Fu,” starring David Carradine, who played the villain Bill in “Kill Bill,” aired from 1972 to 1975 and made martial arts a hit in the West.

David Leitch and Kelly McCormick will be the film’s producers, as will former screenwriter Ed Spielman.

The original play tells the story of a Chinese-American orphan who, after his grandfather’s death, was admitted to Shaolin Temple and under the direction of the White Master (Lu Xixuan), who learned high-depth martial arts. After the mountain, the official Chang met the white master in the street. The master was secretly calculated by a royal relative with a pistol for exhorting the official stouss. Official Chang shot the royal family in a rage, at the direction of the dying white master, decided to go into exile in the United States, looking for the missing brother. In the western United States, the official Chang because of the uneven road involved in a series of disputes, at the same time, the killer sent by the Emperor also followed closely …

The original American drama “Kung Fu” and Bruce Lee also have a relationship, Bruce Lee’s widow Linda has revealed that the original Warner TV stole Bruce Lee’s idea to have the play, the evidence is December 8, 1971 Bruce Lee in an interview with the Pierre Berton Show said: he has a script idea called “Warrior”, Telling the story of a martial artist who came to the American West, Warner and Paramount were both interested in the project.

The following year, “Kung Fu” aired, the main story and Bruce Lee said very similar: David Carradine played Kwai Chang Caine is mixed-race, father is American, mother is Chinese. After his grandfather’s death, he came to Shaolin Temple to study kung fu, and later came to the western United States to find his half-brother.

Carradine, an American of Irish descent, made him play the character of mixed-race Chinese and American, barely making it right.

But warner TV is not “stealing” bruce Lee’s concept, but there is some controversy.

On the Pierre Berton Show, Bruce Lee told the host that American TV producers were concerned about the impact of Chinese actors on the lead role in the American drama, and that there was a lot of discussion on both sides, so the Warriorproject could be difficult to get around, “they think it’s a commercial risk, and I don’t blame them.” On the other hand, if an American actor comes to Hong Kong to play the lead role and I am an investor, I will be worried about whether the Hong Kong audience will be able to accept this setting. “

In 1989, David Carradine said in an interview that Warner TV had asked Bruce Lee to play kung fu, and did not know why, Bruce Lee refused the offer. Bruce Lee returned to Hong Kong from the United States in 1971 to shoot “The Tangshan Brothers”, “Trump Across the River” is also in preparation, perhaps return to Hollywood is not so urgent, perhaps Warner TV to give the conditions are not good. There is no other corroboration of Carradine’s remarks.

Bruce Lee’s 1971 interview with the Concept of the Warrior story was finally filmed in April 2019 and aired on the Cinemax channel in the United States.

In addition, the CW station also announced earlier that it would reboot the series, the main character changed to a woman. “Green Arrow” producer Greg Berlanti and Blindspot producer Christina M. Kim are in charge.