Mysterious Tiger Lake New cpu GeekBench Score Exposure: Single Core 1400 Flatten3950X

Intel has announced at CES 2020 that it will launch the next-generation mobile platform Tiger Lake later this year, using an upgraded 10nm plus manufacturing process (also known as 10nm?

Intel hasn’t announced any specifications for Tiger Lake, but an unknown version of the Tiger Lake processor has appeared on the running site GeekBench.

Mysterious Tiger Lake New U GeekBench Run Score Exposure: Single Core 1400 Flatten3950X

Exposed by the name of the product is Intel Corporation Tiger Lake Client Platform, the specification is four-core eight threads, the base frequency is 2.3GHz, single core 1400 minutes, multi-core 4920 points, is a Tiger Lake-U low-voltage product.

Multi-core running scores are flat, but the single-core 1400-point run score is surprising, which is second only to the i9-9900KS in Intel products and even higher in AMD than the Ryzen 9 3950X single-core score (1312).

Of course, the hardware parameters of GeekBench’s running points are not entirely accurate, here is only a reference, but if the running score is really so, it means that Intel really polished 10nm into a mature process comparable to 14nm, let’s wait and see.