UPX 3.96 Release – Super Compression

UPX (the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables) is a very comprehensive executable file compression software that supports executable files on almost all platforms, including dos/exe, dos/com, dos/sys, djgpp2/coff, watcom/le, win32/pe, rtm32/pe, tmt/adam, atari/tos, linux/i386, etc. With an excellent compression ratio, you can also compare uncompressed files with those that are compressed.

Changes in UPX 3.96 (January 23, 2020):

Bug fixes

Changes in UPX 3.95 (August 26, 2018):

Flag – android-shlib to work around bad design in Android

Flag – force-pie when ET_DYN main program is not dyed as DF_1_PIE

Better compatibility with varying layout of address space on Linux

Support for 4 PT_LOAD layout in ELF generated by binutils-2.31

Bug fixes, notlylyly better diagnosis of malformed input

Bug fixes

UPX 3.96 Release - Super Compression

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