Microsoft CEO: Tech companies need to protect data privacy as they do

Speaking at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos today, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said data privacy must be seen as a human right, needed to be strongly protected and fully transparent. Nadella also said it was also important to ensure that the user’s consent was first sought before using the large amount of data and that the consequences of its use were socially beneficial.

Microsoft CEO: Tech companies need to protect data privacy as they do

Asked what the secret to doing good while doing good (i.e. “not doing evil”, ” Nadella said, “It comes down to the core business design: when you do well, the world around you does well.” “

“People and institutions are all part of our society, so if you don’t think about the broader system, it’s unstable. The question will eventually go back to ‘What is the market talking, what is society talking about?’ ‘”

Recalling his experience of immigrating to the US and later getting involved in the software industry, Nadella said: “The last 30 years have been an amazing period of market access, but we need to grow because the world is more complex. “

On privacy, Nadella believes that data dignity is vital, and that the next level of work is not just privacy, but that people should also be able to control how their data is used in the world. “What would happen if consumers could benefit from their data like advertisers?” he said. We still have a lot of work to do around data dignity. “

Speaking about artificial intelligence, Nadella said, “The best way to make sure that Artificial Intelligence is not biased is to have the team create artificial intelligence that represents the diversity that we want it to have.” “In addition, regulation should be done more when using artificial intelligence than in design.”

In fact, back in November 2018, Nadella’s Microsoft Future Decoding Conference in London said he supported privacy as a “human right” and called on technology companies to protect users from cyber threats.

Before Nadella, Apple CEO Tim Cook repeatedly stressed the importance apple attaches to user privacy, saying, “We see privacy as a fundamental human right.”